The king of pop Ė this action-packed Process is designed around a park riderís stance for the ultimate in pop, flex, and control. Features include Off-Axis Frostbite Edges, true twin shape, and Super Sap Epoxy.
The Process Flying V is a board for the rider who likes to cruise the whole mountain. Its Flying V shape gives you float in deep snow and easy turns on hard pack. Camber underneath the feet, and Frostbite edges make sure that holding an edge is not a problem. Medium flex makes this board accessible to anyone.
Burton Process Flying V
FSC certified Dragonfly 600G core and 45 degree Carbon highlights High Voltage are among the features that make this the most aggressive board in Burtonís lineup. With a legacy for pro-caliber speed and all-mountain precision, this one is for the advanced all-mountain rider.
Burton Custom X
Same legendary design as the standard Custom with a more playful rocker shape
Burton Custom Flying V
Spend more time in the skies with a freeride shape for creative expression in natural terrain. The Flight Attendant utilizes Burtonís S-Rocker shape for maximum float and balanced control in deeper snow. Triax glass and Carbon I-Beam construction give it a smooth ride with snap when you want it.
Burton Flight Attendant
This board will help you progress to the next level. The NEW Flat-Top design makes it a very forgiving ride, making sure to keep you upright and linking turns. Cruise Control edges roll up slightly for catch-free riding, and easy turn initiation. Great for the beginner looking to progress quickly. Ask us about our package deal!
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Since its humble beginnings, innovation has defined the Burton Custom series and set it apart as the most popular, versatile, and mimicked board in snowboarding. Since 1996, this icon has a proven formula that combines time-honored design and envelope-pushing ingredients for a lightweight, poppy, and stable ride. We recommend it for all ability levels.
Burton Custom
Burton Clash
Burton Process Off-Axis
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Catch-free stability and cranked-up performance that lets anyone amplify their all-mountain abilities. The Amplifierís twin-tip shape and Flat-Top bend offer freestyle freedom while the Super Fly 800G core and Frostbite edges make sure you donít sacrifice stability.
Burton Amplifier