Asymmetry has now been introduced into Gnuís award winning Carbon Credit series BTX snowboard. This board will offer easy progression for beginner to intermediate all-mountain riders. Gnuís Asym technology has never before been available at this price point!
The Gnuru EC2 snowboard features the perfect camber combo for easy riding performance, now with asymmetry to enhance the freestyle/freeride perfection. Itís a quiver killer for beginners to pros to rip the whole resort.
Asym Carbon Credit
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Designed to perform at the highest level, the Billy Goat C3 snowboard is an unreal skate influenced daily driver that excels in the best and worst conditions. Precise carving, high intensity lines, glory pow, rock star kickers, or just messing around in the park, the Billy Goat rides like Temple, completely committed and with effortless power.
Gnu Billy Goat