The camber underneath each binding is mellowed to give this rocker a more powder friendly shape. Of course it still has Magne-Traction so there is no need to worry about edge-grip on hard pack or ice. We recommend it for those who like riding fast and going big whether on powder or pack.
Here’s the all-mountain, freestyle machine for the big guys. It’s extra wide to accommodate larger feet and comes in large sizes for large dudes. But, it still has all of the features and more that you would expect from a Lib Tech.
This is the board that started it all. Its reverse camber design started a revolution in snowboarding. Magne-traction edges ‘turn ice into powder.” I don’t know who this board would not work for. We recommend it for all riding styles.
Travis uses this board to do everything, so we recommend it for everything. The C2 Power Banana and Magne-Traction Combo make this board hold an edge on hard pack, float in powder and spin off kickers. The T. Rice Pro is the hottest board right now; get one if you can.
T. Rice HP
Skate Banana
Skunk Ape HP
Attack! Banana HP
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 Olympic snowboarding pipe medal, Slopestyle Championships, World Freeride Tour gold, Transworld Goodwood snowboard awards and a lot more; Initially designed as a park freestyle snowboard, the TRS XC2 snowboard is awesome everywhere you want to take it.
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