Burton FeelGood Flying-V
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The Burton Feelgood is the defining force in women's snowboarding. Carbon Highlights shave serious weight while making the board more playful and lively from tip to tail. Squeezebox High core profiling also utilizes carbon to reduce weight further, and makes the board more poppy and precise for Ferrari-like handing. Directional shaping navigates easily through variable conditions.
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Burton Socialite
For those who like it extra flexy; step up your game with the hardest charging “soft” board on the mountain. With an extra poppy flex, the souped-up Burton Socialite is the perfect recipe for your no-hold-‘em quests. The flat, ultra-thin, and skate-like profile improves the ride, thanks to Filet-O-Flex design, yet rips harder than any soft board out there.