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Burton Citizen
Women’s specific True-Fit Design offers engineering for the way women ride * Soft flexing, ultra-lightweight Single Component * Hi-Back Contruction * Response – 3/10
 Women’s Specific True-Fit Design * Canted Living-Hinge Highback with Heel Hammock * Reactstrap & Get-a-Grip Capstrap * Response 7
Burton Lexa EST
30% Short Glass/Nylon Re:Flex Baseplate * Living Hinge, Canted Highback * Women’s Specific TrueFit Straps * Smooth Glide Buckles
Burton Scribe
Burton Stiletto EST
Canted Hi-Back design follows natural contours of your legs to maximize control and comfort * Park Specific Asym Superstrap offers lateral support and is reversible to choose between power or mobility * Features Re-Ground Materials to reduce waste * Response – 5/10
Burton Scribe EST
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